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Outcome /

The Family is a Competition Winning outcome. Resulting in a three month internship with Nestle used to both further develop the concept to a commercially manufacturable level whilst working on a range of other stimulating projects.

Taking insights from multiple visits to nurseries and after school care centres, helped produce this inclusive and engaging final concept. With the main feature and fun element being the opening beak, which uses a simple living hinge to create a playful spring. It also includes a perforated tab for security when sold, which forms nostrils in the graphic. This tab allows you to re-seal the packaging after initially opening it with an added surprise element of a tongue printed inside.

The graphic itself takes a simplistic approach, contrasting current ‘busy’ packaging designs allowing it to stand out whilst still being engaging and highly interactive. Using bold, block colours, in keeping with the current Smarties graphic. Clearly showing relevant information, without detracting from its appeal to children.

Project /

Nestle were looking for a “fresh and new” approach to the Smarties packaging, aiming to find a commercially viable yet interactive and engaging solution. Materials heavily restrained by parameters including both cost and manufacturability. With the retention of brand identity also being paramount.


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