Hold // Daily Carrier

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Hold is a bag / carrier, focused on the notion of daily essentials. Using the development process as a creative platform to explore the approaches and methods used to physically transport a person’s belongings. The outcome promotes utilitarian luxury with its functionality and visual styling. Robust material choices include a waterproof Cordura nylon main body, Polypropylene webbing straps and natural veg tan leather shoulder straps / detailing. Magnetic close for both top opening and quick access pocket aid seamless day to day use.

Project /

Recognising a growing trend, and having a personal interest, in the notion of daily essentials. Intrigued by the decision making process when justifying what is “worthy” of carrying around with you, and the resultant influence your carrying device has when making these choices. This awareness and curiosity drove this project to design and develop a method of tackling the day to day transportation of an individual’s belongings, seeking to improve the users experience.


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